Closeout Promotional Pens, Pencils & Highlighters

If you're looking for promotional writing tools under $1, PromoCloseouts has a quality selection that you'll be proud to use in your next marketing campaign. Our assortment is affordable but not cheap quality. Whether you're looking for a promotional ballpoint pen or a highlighter, PromoCloseouts offers writing utensils that your audience will love to use.

Browse smooth-writing ballpoint and gel pens, convenient highlighters, pencils and stylus tools. Remember, most items are on factory closeout, so they won't last long. Order today.

If you don't see the specific promotional pen you need, our product specialists can help you. They'll find a great deal, even if it's not on our site today.

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Why Request Samples of Promotional Writing Tools?

When shopping for promotional writing tools, it's easy to choose based on price. With PromoCloseouts, however, so many of our promotional pens cost less than a $1 that it may be difficult to determine which is right for your brand. This is where free samples come in.

The most affordable writing utensil may be best for your budget, but which one will your audience use most? Here are a few things to keep in mind when testing sample writing tools.

How it feels: How does the writing tool feel in your hand? Is there a padded grip? Is it smooth metal? If you expect your audience to use your pen daily jotting memos, writing prescriptions or taking detailed notes, then you want to make sure they love to hold it.

How it writes: We've all used the "scratchy" pen, and most people do not prefer it. When testing promotional pens, go for something that lets the ink flow smoothly. Many of today's ballpoint pens have specially formulated ink to write smoother. Gel and rollerball pen styles are made to let ink freely flow to give that smooth experience, too. When shopping for highlighters or markers, look for quick-drying ink. Your audience will appreciate using something that doesn't smudge on their papers or hands.

How it's stored: If you expect these pens to sit out at a reception desk, click-action is probably best so there's no risk of losing caps. As an office accessory, capped pens work. In the restaurant industry, pocket clips are appreciated for use to make pens easier to grab on an apron or pocket. The server won't have to dig around before taking an order. In other situations, a pocket clip may not be necessary, but a nice case may be appreciated.