Promotional Umbrellas on Sale

PromoCloseouts is your source for quality promotional umbrellas at sale pricing to fit any budget. Umbrellas make thoughtful gifts for employees, especially those who may commute daily. They're also convenient on the golf course. They provide a large imprint area, so when in use your brand message is seen by anyone nearby. Valet companies, hotels and restaurants should also keep logoed umbrellas on-hand to provide better service to guests.

The umbrellas below are on sale for a limited time, so act fast. If you don't see what you want below, contact PromoCloseouts to speak with a product specialist. They'll help you find a deal on a promotional umbrella, even if it?s not on our site.

Branding Opportunities with Promotional Umbrellas

Promotional umbrellas provide a unique way to get your brand out to new people regularly. On a rainy day, anyone commuting to work or school will see your brand message on the promo umbrella. They're smart giveaways in employee and student welcome bags so your built-in brand ambassadors can proudly tout your message on their daily commutes. In the service and hospitality industries, they're nice to keep on hand to provide your guests with a better, drier, experience. They're also useful on the golf course to keep rain or too much sun from ruining a good game.

When it comes to branding with a promotional umbrella, you usually have options. Before choosing your decoration location, you have the opportunity to choose your color. Many umbrellas are available in a variety of colors so you can find something to complement your logo.

Once you have the right color, you can choose your decoration location. Usually decoration is available on at least one of the umbrella panels. In some cases, you can decorate the entire umbrella to make a larger impact.